Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Today Texas. Tonight Oklahoma

We made it safely through Arizona yesterday without having to show our papers. Which is a
good thing because I would have refused.

We stopped for lunch in Gallup NM. If you ate harboring fond memories of road trips along what signs now proudly proclaim as "Historic Route 66, get over them. Gallup now has their own Wal*Mart and Home Depot. We had lunch at an Applebees, " eatin' good in the neighborhood". But all local color was not lost. Tech Support Guy had a reubin sandwich and the wait person asked if he would like
it well done. Better still, my Marguerita was served in a brimming 12 oz glass. Drinkin' good in Gallup.

The other bizzare event was passing a man dressed as a Fransiscan monk (including a rope around the waist of ho long brown robe) and carrying a life-sized cross on his shoulder. As if this wasn't weird enough, he was spotted in the high desert east of Albequerque at 6,200 feet elevation, where I was gasping for oxygen.


chaiselongue said...

Being European, I don't understand why you should be asked to show your papers in Arizona, but I'm glad you got through anyway. As for the monk - are you sure that lack of oxygen wasn't causing hallucinations?!!

chaiselongue said...

I've just read an article about Barbara Kingsolver which mentioned a new law in Arizona, so I think I understand what you mean now.