Saturday, November 01, 2014

Scarcely Incredible

When you have heard all my adventures, you will understand what trials and vicissitudes I have had to undergo to reach the felicity of this palace; you will realize that I have had to purchase the wealth which sustains my age with strange and terrible labors, with calamities, misfortunes and hardships that are scarcely credible
 - The Tale of Sinbad the Sailor, from 10,000 Nights and 1 Night.

Brisket and onions are making love in the slow cooker; infusing the house with the smell of comfort food. I just finished my coffee. It rained last night. It rained so loud I woke me up. So loud.

But it was just a shower. I remember days when it rained all day. There have been a few tiny passing showers since then. The rain gauge was just emptied and washed yesterday, so half an inch of rain in 24 hours. That practically constitutes the deluge.The sun is out. 

Like the landscape, I am not sustained by great wealth. But our wealth is modest and adequate. Like our health. I got a bargain in terms of the price I paid in calamities, misfortunes and hardships to get here today. Unless you happen to appreciate the fact that I’ve been without an icemaker in my fridge for several weeks. Incredible, right?

Today is bourbon and popcorn Saturday. The hard cherry cider is in the fridge. The popped art (get it?) that I make using my air-popper and season with white truffle oil and black truffle salt awaits. Somehow, I’ll survive the vicissitudes of not having my iceless cocktail. 

My palace houses a few good books, basic cable TV, and a cat for my lap. Life is good.