Sunday, June 01, 2014

Believe What You LIke

Jules Verne: The Trouble with scientists is that they only deal with the facts.
Scientist:  And what do you deal with, Mr. Verne?
Jules Verne:  Something much more important (dramatic pause) imagination.
 -  From The Earth to the Moon (movie 1958)

So I may be stepping out on a limb here, spiritually speaking. But I’ve been thinking of imaginary friends again, and I’m beginning to understand that Jesus is a real person. I'm far from sure about his surname or his legal status.

I don’t know bout the walking on water or the loaves and fishes or the raising from the dead. I’m thinking about imagination. Why can’t some people tell themselves stories that comfort them? If stories of violence can beget violence – as science has shown - then good stories might beget good.

And since we all will die, maybe the good we do is all that lives on. If only we could agree on what is good and what is evil. Too deep for me today. All I know is that today is good. That’s enough.