Saturday, June 12, 2010

Going Home

We have decided to return to San Diego bypassing the high desert areas and heading farther south. We will not take Route 40/"Historic" Route 66. The rout will take us to Roswell NM tonight. The road ahead of us looks strangely familiar, but I have never been here before. Then we realize it looks like those pictures taken from storm chaser vehicles. There are virtually no other cars on the road, and open fields on either side, with the rare farmhouse a silo.

J graduated from Basic Combat Training at noon yesterday and an hour after we returned her to Fort Sill she texted us to say "We are shipping out at 23:00 no sleep necessary."

it was wonderful to see her but bittersweet to say goodbye for at least a other three months. She is in Fort Benning by now, beginning OCS.

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Martha in Michigan said...

Boy, that's a long trip for such a short visit, but I can imagine how much it meant to her. You didn't exactly choose the "garden spot" return route, did you? Yet another side effect of smoking....