Sunday, June 13, 2010

Desert Driving

We managed to get through interminable Texas yesterday. Too many oil dericks, giant windmills, and billboards about Jesus and the approach of judgement day. If I could figure out how to get photos from my phone to blogspot, I could include one of the strangest images from Texas: at a roadside Dairy Queen, right next to the counter, a rack displaying bull whips for sale.

So we went through El Paso Texas, where the interstate highway follows the Rio Grande river for a few miles. This is the border between The US and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The lovely high black chain-link border fence is on the US side of the river adjacent to a flat cleared no-man's-land where green and white Border Patrol vans circle endlessly back and forth. Because the land rises on either side of the river bank, the people on each side have a lovely view of each other.

We spent the night in Las Crucas New Mexico. We may have escaped from Texas, but crappy country music followed us to Eddie's Place, the restaurant/cocktail lounge where we had dinner.

We are back on the road. We will go through Tuscon and Yuma Arizona and then home to San Diego late this evening. We cross the last time zone - from Mountain to Pacific time, gaining an hour, but we still have a 12 hour, 650 mile day ahead. It will be worth it though, to get back to the land where you can order martinis from a menu of a dozen exotic choices.

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