Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nearer My Toilet to Thee

"It's hard to be funny when you have to be clean."
Mae West

So, it's been well established that having a frightening cardiac event is not fun. We also learned that in instances of atrial fibrillation, don't take a nitro pill, let alone two. We learned that reporting to the ER intake person that you're having heart problems bumps you to the head of the line, though admittedly not one including bleeders.

Nor, to my great surprise, is it fun to surrender one's eyeglasses to the optometrist to have an old prescription replaced, and trying to wear a dizzying older prescription for another week. (Full disclosure: it is however, enjoyable to bitch like a little girl.)

Nor class, is the mother of all flu/intestinal cleanse/tummy aches much fun, particularly since I just wanted my mommy, and my mother has rested in peace for over 16 years, may she rest in peace. Spending a few days running between the bedroom and the bathroom is not fun. Trying to drink plenty of fluids to replace what seems to come out as soon as you put it in is no fun either. Yesterday was the first time since returning from the hospital - where I caught the nasty intestinal flu - that I have dared walk outside in the sunshine. That was fun.

Making a one-pot killer soup out of dried white beans and smoked pork hock. That's better. Watching my baby veggie starts discover impending Spring. Also better. Hearing FG nail her job interview was music to my hearing aids. Things are looking up all over.

Checking the unfortunately named expecting barn owls that overlook the veggie garden where I volunteer is fun too. You can visit the happy family here, or copy/paste this url: http://www.thegarden.org/owlcam.html