Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Of Gourds and Birdhouses

My old man just told me how to make my three gourds into bird houses. After trying to cook the first one when it was still green, I finally learned to distinguish gourds from winter squash. Good to know.

But first, let the gourds dry. These were picked in late July and I'll leave them alone until next spring. I'll move them from out of the sun into the cool dry carport.

Then, cut a large hole in what will be the back. Make the hole large enough to fit your hand inside. Cut the plug to enable it to be replaced, and save it. You'll eventually replace it. Then cut a half of a 3" circle in the front that will be the door. Cut a few drainage holes into the bottom to keep it from rotting. Cut two small holes in the top to string cord from which to hang.

Clean out the guts. Paint and decorate using your imagination, but don't go tacky on us here. Let paint dry. Insert a twig below front door if you like - for a perch. Replace the back hole.

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