Tuesday, October 31, 2006

White Halloween Cats

They say black cats are a symbol of Halloween, but I believe my white cats are even scarier.

I heard on the radio this morning, that schools are afraid to sponsor Halloween events because it’s one of those things that get idle lawyers rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of a Constitutional challenge. Halloween violates separation of church and state because when a public school sponsors a Halloween party, they’re sponsoring the “religion” of witchcraft. Or, is it that they’re slandering witchcraft? One of the scariest costumes I ever saw was in law school when a female professor “of a certain age” carried a battery-powered fan from Sharper Image and wore a small sign that said: “Lawyer + Menopause = Scary Lady”.

My cats aren’t quite as scary as that, but still. The big one is a toilet brush holder, with the back open and hollow. An uglier bit of home décor would be hard to find. (It was a gift, ok?) To make matters worse, I broke the head off in a cleaning frenzy years ago, and the head is now being glued back together - masking tape is holding the pieces in place until the glue dries. The middle-sized cat is a bottle of German wine found in a package store in Michigan. I knew the moment I saw the wine bottle, I had to have it. It’s like toilet-brush-holder cat was the mother of wine-bottle-cat. Reunited at last! I bought the small cat years ago, but he just seemed to make the picture complete.

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