Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ann Arbor, Michigan

On a recent trip to Ann Arbor, I encountered this “fairy door” inside a coffee shop. Apparently several years ago, a local artist started using doll house supplies to attach these small works of art on the outside of buildings (some on inside).

Some are quite elaborate, and although they don’t lead anywhere, people started pulling off the tiny door knobs in an effort to open the doors and see what was inside (nothing.) The fun comes in trying to find some of the dozens of these doors throughout the lovely town surrounding the University.

Walking around the city we also encountered this restaurant with the sign reading “Jamaican Jerk Pit,” and despite assurances from our "native guides" (University of Michigan grad students) that the term refers to the food rather than the customers, our group decided not to eat there.

The weather for the visit was perfect. During the day we had cool autumn sun: women shopping, mums blooming, leaves falling. The chilly evenings were spent sitting cozily indoors: women laughing, dog sleeping, bird pacing (that’s a strange bird.)

We enjoyed one morning at a day spa, being pampered by the well-trained staff. We tried to emulate the well-maintained other regulars who talked about how to invest their hard-working husbands' inheritences, but I doubt we fooled anybody - we were having too much fun.

As glad as I am to be back home in familiar surroundings, there’s something therapeutic about visiting with people you love. I find that I’ve brought back a wonderful peace of mind along with my souvenirs.

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Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

I'm actually more jealous about your cool evenings than your day spa. Damn.