Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dressed to Kill

Finished the fun stuff in the Veggie Garden. Four of us worked about 3 hours together yesterday to do all the planting of our cool season veggies. Friends contributed lettuce for raised beds. The rest are from about 5 pony-pack starts and from about 3 flats of seedling I grew.

Today, I did the fun part: the other decorations. The table on the patio has been kidnapped for other duties during the festival. The hay stack from last year is tired. I has a few new and recycled decorations, plus home-grown gourds and pumpkins. G provided the large pumpkin and the pot of live mums.

I finally carved the hollow Styrofoam pumpkin for the scare crow’s head. From his sly wink and his cocked hat, he's showing that our Veggie Garden is dressed to kill this Halloween.

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