Friday, August 07, 2015

Say It Better

"Everything has been said. But nobody listens. Therefore it has to be said all over again-- only better."
-- Roger Shattuck, Candor and Perversion

To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this post is to say how sad it was that after watching the Fox Republicans Debate last night, it wasn’t until the talking heads of the world told the sheep what happened that the sheep looked up. It was when reading last night’s news this morning that I realized it doesn’t actually have to be said all over again. I heard it the first time. A while back in fact.

It is my sincere hope that somebody else out there has any fucks to give about the next president because I’m not listening any more: I’d rather watch a pot boil. But somebody should pay attention or we will have a violent revolution in this country. It may already be underway (like the way the Internet was actually born on June 6, 1969*) and we may have just not realized it’s begun. This has been a rather violent summer, focused mostly on race. But history teaches that these things can smoke and spread far and wide before sparks erupt into a firestorm.

It is time for a new leader to either unite us or to take up the cause of the social revolution. Maybe one of you unemployed folks with six-figure student loans and no insurance?

The mission of this post is to ask for somebody to step forward to say it so well everybody listens and everybody hears it because I’m too tired and cynical.

If mission not accomplished then diem carped.

* “It happened on June 6th, 1969, at eleven hundred hours, eastern seaboard time," Pierre counters. "That was when the first network control protocol packets were sent from the data port of one IMP to another – the first ever Internet connection. That's the singularity. Since then we've all been living in a universe that was impossible to predict from events prior to that time.”
 - Charles Stross, Accelerando

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