Sunday, August 23, 2015

Men Can’t Have Anything To Themselves

Two women are now Army Rangers. Yay. Congratulations. Etc. Then, backlash. Andrea Tantaros is  sad. Andrea Tantaros worries that we might be hurting the boys’ feelings. Andrea says “I believe in equality and all those things, but…”

... Andrea Tantaros says men can’t have anything to themselves. While we may never know if some of those "other things" Andrea Tantros may believe in are pay equality, right of women to control their own bodies, and whatnot,  I will concede Andrea Tantaros is right: there are a lot of things men did exclusively in the good old days when jobs were advertised in two different sections of newspaper classified ads: men and women.

I won't argue with Andrea Tantaros that women have indeed been making inroads into the boys clubs lately. There are women public leaders, women politicians, women government officials, and women in management generally. And lately, even some women clergymen (sic) and women terrorists. The military was clearly in the targets of these uppity women who think it's all about them and appear insensitive to the self-esteem of men. Andrea Tantaros may be on to something about how sad this may make some men who may no longer permitted to have some things to themselves. Andrea Tantaros is a woman, so she should know it sucks not to have anything to yourself.  

But Andrea Tantaros, I am not as disturbed by the fact that more woman are determined to encroach on all all-male bastions. I seek to reassure you, Andrea Tantaros. It turns out men still have a bit of an edge in all those above professions. Women have a long way to go from two female Rangers to violent overthrow of the hegemony of the male discourse and replacing non-optional female genital mutilation with mandatory male castration. 

Andrea Tantaros, don't worry sweetie. It might reassure you to know that although men are encroaching on many of the following traditionally female lifestyles, women still make up the greatest proportion of whores, rape victims, single parents and lowest paid people. So maybe the scales balance out, right Andrea Tantaros?

Andrea Tantaros says men can't have anything to themselves.  Like that's true. Like that’s a bad thing.


Weeping Sore said...

But, but, but, Men Have Rights:

"Aren't you just trying to get back all the male privileges you lost to feminism?

"If the rights to be treated like a human being, be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, not sign our bodies over to the government, talk to women at work without the fear of losing our jobs, or keep our own children when we haven't done anything wrong are 'male privileges', then yes, I guess we are."

Bibi said...

So the two women graduated from Ranger School last Friday, but now they are on desk duty until the US Army catches up ( and amends its rules so they can actually serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment. Baby steps ...

Weeping Sore said...

Bibi, you need to flesh out your profile a bit. I hardly recognize you. Want me to draft something lovely?