Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ten Kinds of Facebook Posts That Suck

  1. Posts (like this one) that list X number of things that promise to explain Something Important because life’s wisdom doesn’t come in the form of numbered lists.
  2. Posts that demand, “share this if you agree” because mostly I don’t agree. 
  3. Similarly, but slightly different, posts that demand I comment if I agree because shut up. 
  4. Posts that are pictures with pithy clichés added as captions to pictures that are clichés - except those that involve giving zero fucks. 
  5. Suggested Posts that are commercials, because I have more of them than I have posts from friends. I already know I need better friends and don’t need to be reminded. 
  6. Shared posts with embedded videos and headlines that end with “… you’ll never believe what happens next” because I have an actual life that is filled with such surprises thanks to my diminishing short term memory skills. 
  7. Posts that are tests to determine what type of fossil I am, or what pre-packaged frozen food item I am, or how much I would care if my neighbor’s children were attacked by a pack of wolves. 
  8. Quotes by celebrities about important things they have no expertise in - even Leonardo DiCaprio - because just because you’re famous or gorgeous doesn’t mean I should care what you think about a subject on which you have no legitimate expertise. 
  9. Passive aggressive posts intended to put somebody in their place without naming names because, seriously? 
  10. Posts arguing either side of matters involving global warming and vaccinations because, science, people. Those trains have sailed. And in a similar vein, posts that state political opinions of people I thought I liked but now find to be simpletons. 
  11. And finally, I don't like numbered lists that have titles telling you how many items are on the list.

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