Friday, February 28, 2014

When Less Becomes More

Of the blessings set before you make your choice, and be content.

I collect dopey things.  Since I was a kid and my friend Patsy gave me a 3x5 framed picture of Disney's Dopey, I’ve loved to collect Dopeys. I once hand-painted a 3 foot tall Dopey on my bedroom door. I have mostly small statues, including special designer collectibles like china ones made by Lenox and crystal ones made by Swarovski and plastic ones made by Pez and a few antique ones. They don’t collect as much dust as the stuffed toys and they take up less space. The non-plush Dopeys are crowded into the china cabinet that most old ladies use to display their Hummel figurines. I started because I liked Dopey and continued because I had disposable income. Now I have a cabinet full that will probably, sadly, constitute the entire inheritance for my schizophrenic heir to fight over.

Somewhere along the line, I somehow also began to gather some plush Dopeys. I don’t know why because I consider stuffed toys less as “collectibles” and more as evidence that I acquired  stupid stuff I don’t need and shouldn’t leave hanging around for my heir to build into a bonfire that would be dangerous because we’ve had such a long drought the entire state could go up like a pile of stuffed toys doused with gasoline. 

Also because I’m sure somebody on eBay who has more room and more disposable income would be delighted to pay me $20 plush (sic) shipping to leave for their own disgusted heirs to dispose of.

Once I am united with that dopey buyer through the magic of the internets I will have fewer blessings to dust, and I will be perfectly content with that.

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