Monday, July 26, 2010

Distinguishing Hypocrisy from Piety

The Catholic Church recently equated ordination of women with pedophilia in the pantheon of evil. Oddly, while Il Papa seems to permit pedophilia with a nod and a wink, when it comes to ordaining women, it’s time to take a stand agaInst evil.

Despite being one of my favorite run-on sentences, Moliere said it better than I could in Tartuffe:

“No, I am not a revered doctor, brother; no, all the knowledge of this world has not found its abode in me. I have merely the science of discerning truth from falsehood. And as I know nothing in the world so noble and so beautiful as the holy fervour of genuine piety, so there is nothing, I think, so odious as the whitewashed outside of a specious zeal; as those downright imposters, those bigots whose sacrilegious and deceitful grimaces impose on others with impunity, and who trifle as they like with all that mankind holds sacred; those men who, wholly given to mercenary ends, trade upon godliness, and would purchase honour and reputation at the cost of hypocritical looks and affected groans; who, seized with strange ardour, make use of the next world to secure their fortune in this; who, with great affectation and many prayers, daily preach solitude and retirement while they themselves live at Court; who know how to reconcile their zeal with their vices; who are passionate, revengeful, faithless, full of deceit, and who, to work the destruction of a fellow-man, insolently cover their fierce resentment with the cause of Heaven. They are so much the more dangerous in that they, in their bitter wrath, use against us those weapons which men revere; and their anger, which everybody lauds, assassinates us with a consecrated weapon. There are too many such mean hypocrites in the world; but from them the truly pious are easy to distinguish.”

Click here to read Cleante’s entire speech here.

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Martha in Michigan said...

And don't forget Rome's investigations of uppity American nuns, with a crackdown sure to follow....