Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer at last!

“The key to happiness is not being rich; it’s doing something arduous and creating something of value and then being able to reflect on the fruits of your labor.”
Arthur Brooks (as summarized by David Brooks)

What could better describe the satisfactions of gardening?

While WS is on the road, I post again from Michigan. Today was our theoretical last possible frost date, although global warming has surely moved that back at least two weeks. Accordingly, I moved a half-dozen raised-from-seed pepper plants out to the garden yesterday—between the raspberries and the roses in the photo.

Within six hours, the four that were not protected by hardware cloth had disappeared into bunny gullets. Dang it. When will I learn that the garden is not solely mine?

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Weeping Sore said...

Yikes! So young! So tender!
I read in some gardening book that you're supposed to plant three times what you need. That way, there's one share for the bugs, one for the bigger critters, and one for you. Apparently however, rabbits don't read the same gardening books I do.