Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring Wind

"Love calls like the wild birds--
it's another day.
A Spring wind blew my list of
things to do...away."
Greg Brown, Spring Wind

My sweet peas are sparse this year, but lovely. The bunnies discovered most before they got very far, but the survivors don’t disappoint – either for sight or smell. I’m excited to see my tumeric returned this year. Last year’s experimental mail order sample seemed to die back over winter. I wasn’t sure it would re-appear. Once it gets big enough to be worth a picture I’ll snap one.

Meanwhile, I was distracted from photographing flowers to show Martha in Michigan that I do same some flowers. I found a holy carrot. I’m pretty sure this is Mickey Mouse. Now, I know this may not be worth as much on eBay as, say, the BVM on a picture of toast. But I’m pretty sure it would have been more impressive than a piece of toast on the BVM. But I ate it – the carrot, not the toast. I did dream of Mickey Mouse that night…


Cicero Sings said...

You are too funny! I love sweet peas but they never grow well for me at all ... and there are no bunnies here ... fodder for the coyotes I'm afraid.

Les said...

I love that Greg Brown line and will use it as an excuse for as long a spring lasts.