Sunday, March 21, 2010

Someday My Prince Will Come

“Americans love junk. It’s not the junk that bothers me, it’s the love” - George Santayana

I love junk too much to let this go. It’s a spinning garden stake with a frog on either side. I especially love frog-themed junk.

Shut up. It’s better than garden fairies, imho. I say you can never have too many little garden embellishments, particularly in my climate where actual living plant material is so endangered. Besides, note that the frog is wearing a crown. He's not just your ordinary garden frog. Possibly he's a prince who will take me away from all this to a magic castle in a land where there is enough precipitation for me to grow stuff I like, and where I’d consequently not favor such cheesy garden ornamentation.

Which reminds me of the joke about Cinderella who took some garden photos in the days before we all had digital cameras. She took the film to her local photo developing store and returned a week later to pick up her pictures. They weren’t ready that week. Or the next. Or the next. After about 4 weeks, she was so discouraged she was overheard to say, "Someday my prints will come."

And thus was the legend born.


James A-S said...

That Cinderella joke is really quite good - is a very cheesy/corny kind of a way.
My father-in-law has a phenomenal collection of frog based junk. frog corkscrews, frog paperclips, frog mugs, frog socks,rubber frogs, ceramic frogs,poignant frogs,sad frogs, naked frogs,jokey frogs,frogs dressed in tuxedo etc ,etc.
All ghastly but, as you so rightly point out, infinitely preferable to fairies.

Cicero Sings said...

I too, have a friend who collects frog junk. I must say, your garden spinner is quite nice in its category ... yes and preferable to fairies ... not the real ones ... then one would actually SEE those!

walk2write said...

Don't think that just because some people have plenty of water that they don't favor cheesy yard ornaments (and jokes). Mr. Frog Prince looks adorable.