Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stylish Garden Aprons

Fashion is a way of not having to decide who you are. Style is deciding who you are and being able to perpetuate it.
Quentin Crisp

So, what else can I do when it’s too hot to garden outside? I’m so restless, I’m almost at the point of knocking on somebody’s front door and running away and hiding behind a tree and giggling. If my Mom was around, I’d call her and say, Maaaaahhhm… there’s nothing to do!

So, I went shopping. The local quilt store has rooms and rooms of fabric, and I fit the perfect profile to be wandering about a quilt store: pudgy middle-aged person in need of a project. Fifteen minutes and $73 later, I had six different patterned cottons all on a vegetable theme.

I made six aprons, lining them each since the stupid quilt store only carries the thin cotton stuff suitable for quilts, and I want heavier aprons with pockets because I loose about a pair of clippers a week if I don’t have a pocket to put them in while I work. The first apron took an entire afternoon because I use the sewing matching so rarely these days I have to re-learn how to thread bobbins and correctly thread the machine itself. Then, I had to undergo the humiliation of moving up, yet again, to a larger needle to do the hand sewing because I can’t see the damn hole in the damn needle any more. Damn.

By the time I was on the last one, I had it down to about 45 minutes, and could even re-wind a bobbin without resort to profanity or medication. Of course, by then, I was on liquid medication, it being happy hour. The happiest part of this is that I set the sewing machine up in the living/dining room where we can close the doors to the rest of the house and turn on the old air conditioner. I can’t hear the TV with the AC on, but I was rocking out to the iPod anyway.

So, now I’ve got stylish aprons for my teammates who volunteer with me to maintain the veggie garden. Since nothing can grow without being subject to grasshoppers, bunnies and squirrels, nothing can grow outside of our custom made chicken-wire cages. This is our in-between season when the tomatoes are about done but it’s too hot for the broccoli to consider growing. It just hunkers there under it’s chicken wire wondering what we were thinking to plant it in the heat.

We all know who we are. We may not be good gardeners, but we’ll look stylish as hell in our veggie-themed aprons.


oldcrow61 said...

I absolutely love the colours that you have in the apron. Wonderful.

Sheree in CA said...

The aprons are beautiful...I may be inspired!

Karen said...

They're gorgeous!

Funny that it's too hot for you to garden...we just had our first snow...must get the garlic in, then kiss the garden a fond farewell till next April.

walk2write said...

Are you selling them yet? I know of someone who would love to receive one of them for Christmas and could drop a few hints. There must be a shift in the wind direction or something. I've noticed quite a few bloggers lately acting on creative impulse. Great idea, WS.

chaiselongue said...

Great idea! I think I'd have to use the liquid medication, though, or the profanity level would be high!

colleen said...

Quentin would have approved. I know.

Martha in Michigan said...

Had our first frost in SE Michigan on Sep. 30. That's early, but it's been a cool summer, so it wasn't unexpected. When I went to remove bedsheets from the tomatoes, they were stiff, even though my outdoor thermometers only read 35 degrees. It's all about the microclimate, I guess. This is the time of year I appreciate the the planter box I can roll into and out of the garage overnight. Those red petunias really help lift the impending SAD as all else dies or goes dormant.

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