Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Say What?

"Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,
Who never to himself hath said _______”
Sir Walter Scott, "My Native Land"

It’s final exam week. In recognition of all the students who were up early to cram for today’s exam, I offer the following easy multiple choice question. Fill in the missing phrase from Walt's poem above:

a. I’m lost
b. That’s not mine, I was just holding it for a friend.
c. This is my own, my native land
d. I’m not bad, just misunderstood
e. Hey you kids, quit playing on my grass
f. As God is my witness, I’ll never plant lettuce again.
g. Wait! I can change!
h. I’m sorry, what?
i. ______ (fill in the blank)

Disclaimer: While Walt probably intended “man” in the first line of the poem, in the universal sense (i.e. as all persons), my suggested answers apply mostly to men in the gendered sense.

If I was trying to balance things out, I should have added some girly choices, like, for instance, “You call me that again, I’ll cut you,” or “We have to talk,” or “I’m going outside to play in the backyard.”

My garden beckons, so I'm going out to play. BTW, this is a pass/fail exam.


emmat said...

"I wonder whether I should order the remastered Led Zeppelin albums, I mean, I know I already have them, in LP and on CD, but there's some previously unreleased material on there I'd really like to have..." [etc]

"Where do we keep the bin bags?"

"But there was no cell phone reception,"

"I have no idea why my browser history is completely empty. Really, perhaps it's some kind of electronic error,"

Frances said...

HA, I like Emmat's first answer, think I'll go with that one.

Have a happy holiday, sounds like you deserve it!


walk2write said...

"What? This here paint got lead? Hmmm...we got a gov like Blago, and my kids is kinda slow."

The word for this evening on your verification box is "unpure." How did it know?

Anonymous said...

I am not going to try to top your lines.

That is one beautiful fountion!

Wendy said...

Aww - I have that same little bunny here in Quebec, Canada. He sits in my garden in summer and is in hiding now that it's winter.