Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guest Blog Report

Fall is finally turning to winter here in southeastern Michigan. I am still covering my parsley at night to save it for Thanksgiving stuffing, but it may need to be harvested, now that temps are getting into the 20s overnight. We had a long, lingering fall this year, with unseasonably warm temps into November. That made it easier to do fall clean-up chores but also removed the sense of urgency about getting things done.
A few days ago, I intended to clean the gutters one last time, but the red maple out front was still clinging to half of its leaves. Now, the only thing decorating the trees is forlorn and abandoned nests, plus the occasional fluffed-up mourning dove or munching squirrel. My now-25-year-old English walnut trees keep the latter very busy and well fed.
My plants were dazed and confused by the weather, with bulbs sprouting and roses continuing to flower. The Tiny Monster geranium was still producing some bright purple flowers, and few of its leaves had turned bright scarlet yet, when it was surprised by the first light snowfall.
Today, it is cold and blessedly sunny. The wind yesterday was (unusually) from the north, bringing Michigan’s Thumb area heavy lake-effect snow. In one of those quirks of fate, the iPod is serving me Gordon Lightfoot’s The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald as I type. “Huron rolls, Superior sings, Michigan steams” indeed.
-Martha in MIchigan


Weeping Sore said...

Dude! I forgot about inviting you to post. What a groovy surprise: reading about frost in Michigan as I sit here sweating from a morning in the 85+ degree heat at the Garden.
It's great to see pictures with the commentary too. The sweet peas I planted are sprouting here, the bok choy has bolted, the bulbs are peeking out, looking confused, and withering in the heat.
Can't wait for pictures of snow!

Weeping Sore said...

I just checked your photo in your profile. The likeness is uncanny. The laboratory fire is easily mistaken for a shot of you in your kitchen, cooking meth on the stove. Say it isn't so.

tina said...

It has been a long fall Martha. Many confused plants. I too have to clean my gutters. A chore I hate to do since it is like doing the dishes, you have to do it again and again...