Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Advice from a Lousy Gardener

“Lunar fluctuations affect Earth’s magnetic field, and its atmosphere, causing all water, including that in even the smallest living organism, to move in almost tidal fashion. This makes significant rainfall statistically more likely after a new moon.”
Duncan Crosbie, “Tips from the Old Gardeners”

Dear LG,
Something strange is going on outside. Last night, everything in my yard got wet. I have adjusted the automatic sprinklers so that only the most precious potted plants receive daily water. But last night, water just appeared everywhere. It was almost as if it was falling out of the sky. What gives?
Drought Gardener

Dear DG
Your senses did not deceive you. Water did indeed, fall from the sky yesterday. This unusual phenomenon is one of Mother Nature’s magic tricks. You know what snow is, right? When the temperature outdoors is too high for snow to remain frozen and white, it melts. This melting falling liquid snow is also known as “rain”. Neither you, nor your garden, has anything to fear from rain unless you are related to the Wicked Witch of the North and live in Oz.


GardenJoy4Me said...

I'm still laughing here : )

Frances said...

Hi WS, We feel that way here to lately. I always like the question and answer format, nicely done. I enjoyed your ring post too, and do think joining groups, like Blotanical, isn't self promotion but just the simple act of reaching out to fellow garden bloggers, who are quite nice people, even in person.

Have a happy holiday.


Marie said...

Wot's the flower? Looks malva-ish...

greeny said...