Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Good Day

“The Garden exemplifies the massive, but often unrecognized dependence of human creative activity upon the co-operation of the natural world… (The garden also exemplifies) the degree to which, more subtly, experience of the natural environment depends upon human creative activity. When combined, these two themes deliver the idea of the garden as embodying a unity between human beings and the natural world, an intimate co-dependence.”
David E. Cooper, A Philosophy of Gardens.

Got my new planted bed situated and planted some nasturtiums, sweet peas and purple hyacinth bean yesterday. I also planted garlic and onions at perimeter areas just on the off-chance the ground squirrels or rats, or whoever, will be deterred from entering the veggie garden proper. The garlic are both organic, from SSE: ‘German Extra Hardy,’ and Shveliski ‘Chesnock Red’.

I also got my first planting of lettuce going for the Veggie garden. I did a six-pack each of the following (mostly heirloom) lettuce seed from Seed Savers Exchange:
‘Amish Deer Tongue,’ ‘Bronze Arrowhead,’ ‘Forellenschuss,’ ‘Red Velvet,’ ‘Susan’s Red Bib,’ ‘Yugoslavian Red’. I also started a six-pack each of the following cabbages: ‘Mammoth Red Rock’ and ‘Winningstadt.’ Broccoli” ‘De Cicco.’ ‘Purple Cape.’

I also got fresh, local, grass-fed chicken eggs from Angus Acres, a small homestead chicken farm in a suburb less than ten miles from my house. The names of the chickens are on the bottom line of the egg carton label.

A perfect fall day, with sweet air, warm sun, dirty fingernails, and much accomplished. This was one of those days in my backyard where I felt the unity and intimate co-dependence between my garden and my heart. A really good day.


walk2write said...

Sounds like you have a winner of a garden going. I especially like the nasturtiums. Spicy but delicate. Very feminine. Lots of feminine influence evident in this post--eggs, boundaries, unifying things, heirlooms. I like it, WS. You're making me hungry for an omelet and a salad topped with nasturtium blossoms.

Martha in Michigan said...

Yeah, I always knew you were codependent!
V was here for one day last week and, since my latest on-sale Stella d'Oros arrived that day, she planted them for me. When we returned from L's defense that evening, there were open holes with no bulbs. Something liked both the bone meal (I know Ripley used to love that) and the bulbs. Maybe that's why all my earlier attempts have been for nought. Since they were in a backyard corner, instead of right by the front door, I didn't notice the theft. I can't believe it was squirrels, since they have many hundreds of my English walnuts stashed already, but what else forages in the daytime?