Wednesday, December 07, 2011

My Tax Dollars At Work, Not to Mention My Public Education System

I have been dancing with California Department of Health and Human Services since September to apply for benefits for a family member. Because they routinely lose papers sent via mail, I have braved the online application system. This system is fraught with its own perils, mostly associated with attaching documents to verify various and sundry things about the applicant's status. In response to my latest attempt to reply to an earlier request for additional verifications, I received this message this morning.

I have altered the following document only to remove the case number at the beginning and the lengthly privacy notice at the end. I have also, mercifully, deleted the name of the person who sent the following:

Good Morning,

Case number XXXXXXX

Thank you for emailing us at ACCESS Center. We apologized, we do not
processed paperworks here at ACCESS. I will just send your
verifications to the imaging to be imaged and so the worker who will
processed your case and see these verification provided.

Thank you.

“Please feel free to contact ACCESS again if you have any additional
questions. Thank you….”


Karen said...

You should post this to!

Martha in Michigan said...

Epic fail, indeed. I am desperately hoping that the writer's first language is not English but have little confidence that is so. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how people can spend years in school and learn so little. It makes me think that people never did learn much in school, that my own literacy skills (for example) stem more from my reading than from direct instruction. And, clearly, many, many folks do not read at all these days. In any case, this sampling of your recent busywork experiences does a lot to explain the tiredness and depression evident in your next post.

AJK said...

My God, have all of us Californians become illiterate immigrants? Hey, I know I'm pressing some political hot buttons! However, I have the right to say that, because I AM an immigrant. However, I have worked hard to prove that I can be fluent in the English language, and those whom I converse with cannot tell that I'm not a "native" Californian. (whatever that means. ha!)

I'm so sorry that they are giving you the ultimate runaround...
May 2012 bring a brighter future for you and yours.