Sunday, August 23, 2009

Words and Pictures

The words are from Francis Bacon, Friar Bacon His Discovery of the Miracles of Art Nature and Magick. The pictures are from this summer in and around San Diego.

“As for words, they are hatched within, by the thoughts and desires of the mind, sent abroad by heat, Vocale arteries, and motion of the Spirits…”

Or, the words could be conveyed by cell phone. Just be careful you don’t let a pelican grab your cell phone or a lego man might have to try to recover it. Legoland, about 20 minutes north of San Diego, is typically a destination of families with children. Visiting the place with a group of senior is a bit creepy, but creepy has never stopped us before.

“…The places of their generation are in open passages, by which there is a great efflux of such spirits, heat, vapours, virtues, and Species, as are made by the soul and heart. And therefore words may so farre cause alterations by these parts or passages, as their Nature will extend….”

Or, the words could be used to describe new species of food at the county fair - for the soul, heart, and ultimately, the backside. There's no entertainment that cannot be enhanced by combining it with the consumption of unhealthy food.

“…For it's evident, That breathings, yawnings, several resolutions of Spirits and heat come thorow these open passages from the heart and inward parts: Now if these words come from an infirm and evil complexionated body, they are constantly obnoxious…”

Now, I’m not saying cellulite equates with evil complex- ionated bodies, but there have to be some parallels there. It may be a cheap shot to observe fat people these days, but still. I don't expect everyone at the beach to look like they just stepped out of a Pepsi commercial, but there is way too much information about these women in this picture.

“…But if from a pure sound and wholsome constitution, they are very beneficial and comfortable.”

Seriously. If words are from a pure sound and wholsome (sic) constitution, we can benefit as much as the next person. We may not be great readers here in So Cal, but we do like our art. What a perfectly beneficial and comfortable category of book: "coffee table books". Here in So Cal, Thomas Kinkaid is to art, what coffee whitener is to cream.

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Les said...

"Yes, but do you have anything that will match my sofa?"

While reading this post and preparing for the end of the world on 12/21/12 - my wife is watching a rerun of Law and Order. This episode features a character based on Thomas Kincaid (painter of light) and I am reading your post at the same time. One of the walk-on characters says "we have always wanted to own art, now our lives are filled with beautiful things". Synchronicity is not always a good thing.