Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lucky Seven and Cleaning House

“’Cleanliness is next to godliness’ was one slogan to which it was difficult to subscribe. If by the last quarter of the twentieth century, godliness wasn’t next to something more interesting than cleanliness, it might be time to reevaluate our notions of godliness.” Tom Robbins, Still Life with Woodpecker

Our cable went dark midway through the Inauguration yesterday, but at least I got to hear Aretha. She’s still got it. I sorta missed seeing the door hitting Dubya on his way out, but at least he’s gone. Whew!

So, because the only other alternative to TV was to talk to each other, Tech Support Guy and I watched Disney’s anniversary edition CD of Snow White last night. There are lots of features besides the movie. There’s an interactive game where you see the seven guys in silhouette as they return from work and march single file across a log bridge. In the game, you have to name the Dwarves in order. Sure, Doc is first and Dopey is last, but who’s in the middle? Let’s just say I nailed it. (Mom would be so proud!)

Meanwhile, until the cable guy can fix the box, our living room is littered with books from the bookcase we had to move to get behind the TV. And talk about dust! Not a pretty picture, albeit a mute testimony to my housekeeping skills; or more precisely, a testimony to the lack of exercise of my housekeeping skills. Because the cable box is always warm, the cat likes to sleep on top of it. There was cat hair embedded in dust, and even a desiccated hairball. You’ll understand why I didn’t want to accompany this post with pictures.

The seven dwarves aren’t the only thing that comes in sevens (isomers of heptane come to mind). The cable guy came while I was writing the above, and installed a new cable box which promptly registered 11:07 AM. Coincidence? Luckily, I now have a brand new cat warming machine on top of my TV, and a shiny new remote to learn how to use. Even better, the first thing I saw on headline news when the TV woke up was Michelle Obama’s white gown for the Inaugural Ball last night. This was probably the most important piece of news I was deprived of yesterday.

Now, it’s back to dusting and replacing the books on the bookcase in an effort to be more godly. At least I have CNN to keep me company.


tina said...

Hey, I think I better go check my tv cable box, that might be why they've been acting up lately-too much dust:)

Annie in Austin said...

Neither cable nor cat here so no excuse for the dust.

Luckily the rabbit ears worked yesterday, and I admit to taking a couple of photos of the TV of them was the former president leaving.

You did get to see Former VP Cheney channeling Mr Potter as he waited to come out, didn't you?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

walk2write said...

The only alternative to talking to each other was TV? Blogging is the next cleanliness and far more productive. Where does cleanliness get you anyway? Waiting for the dirt (plus/minus cat hair) to return. What do you think about Michelle's choice of evening apparel? I call it supremely defined muscle tone (discipline, ladies!) which was certainly enhanced by a playful, Helen of Troy, toga-style masterpiece of youthful design. Honestly, I was mesmerized by her humeral musculature! Woe is me. I'm succumbing to saggy-arm syndrome! Must garden...