Thursday, July 10, 2008

Natural Goodness

A spoonful of high fructose corn syrup makes it easier for the medicine to go down. It might actually help you swallow the recent FDA pronouncement that HFCS is as “natural” as the day is long. Just like refined white sugar, and that pink candy corn they sell on the boardwalk.

Check this post:Crimes against “natural”: FDA helps healthwash HFCS

There’s some good links in above post. I especially like the link to a Corn Refiners Association illustrated guide Here that shows just how many steps are necessary to derive HGCS from corn. I’m sure Homer Simpson would be the first to enjoy the show, and the natural goodness of this product that’s given a generation of Americans diabetes. MMmmmm, high fructose….


kate smudges said...

Aren't lobby groups grand? This stretches the definition of 'natural' to virtually include anything that the FDA gets pressured into declaring natural. It's so bloody outrageous considering that obesity has become a national epidemic in the US, with Canada following close behind. I bet our food safety advisory board follows suit. We're rarely far behind.

lostlandscape said...

Just ran across your blog--very interesting ideas!

As far as this post: Yum yum... So a product that undergoes more industrial transformation than gasoline does on its way from crude oil gets called natural...

Of course there are plenty of things that I'd consider natural that also aren't so good for you-- Even some extreme poisons exist in nature. We need to develop a thinking population that won't just look for the quick, misapplied label, a population that'll avoid the "natural" corn syrup along with the untagged version. But, yes, fighting the psychological warfare brought about by the lobbyists is absolutely necessary.