Monday, January 07, 2008

Whatever It Was

"Whatever It was

that made this earth
the base,
the world its life,
the wind its pillar,
arranged the lotus and the moon,
and covered it all with folds
of sky

with Itself inside,

to that Mystery
indifferent to differences,

to It I pray,
O Ramanatha."

The Poem is by Devara Dasimayya, (10th Century) “Whatever it Was”

The picture is by Jessie M. King, illustration for "The Ruba'iya't Of Omar Kahyya'm" (1913)

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Crayons said...

Hi Sore,
You have created an impressive spot here. I love the way you selected an illustration of Khayam for the poem by the other man.

You make me want to read the book about nature deficit disorder. I like the B&W photo that you posted.

Finally, thanks for saying something about my blog. Your idea of thinking in pictures -- yes, it's true, but I didn't know that about myself.

Enjoy your day.