Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Grapevine, Moon Sprouts and Slumbering Giants

“The generic soul in each individual is a giant overcome with sleep which locks up almost all his senses, & only leaves him a little superficial animation Once in an age, at hearing some deeper voice, he lifts his iron lids, & his eyes pierce through all appearances… but quickly the lids fall, & sleep returns”
R. W. Emerson
This is the view from the Veggie Garden where I spend Tuesday mornings. The morning captured in this picture is the view I always see, but mostly don’t notice. The grapevines framing the distant misty mountain are often used to symbolize autumn and are attributed to Bacchus, the Greek God worshipped by all drinkers.

That morning, as I downed the last of my espresso and tied back my hear, the giant awoke and I looked through the arbor toward the mountain.

Emerson’s vision of the psychic potential of the soul is comparable to the potential energy that waits inside every tiny seed. Then again, seeds don’t require much to raise astonished to life as people.

On the day of the full moon, I discovered this white plastic bucket and the two flat pumpkin-like seeds – possibly zucchini – had been left in the basket in the shade and dry spot in the carport exactly one week earlier. Taken from overhead, looking down into the plastic bowl, I captured these leggy sprouts, eclipsing the plastic moon like a spare Chinese watercolor. I’ve planted them in a nearby planter, but I think they’re doomed by their early profligate ways. They powered this miraculous growth from potential energy within.

Whether or not you believe you have a soul and/or that it is immortal, I think Emerson’s words still resonate. He’s describing the “Universal Soul” that - regardless of where it goes after we die – is within us now.

Our souls are the invisible inner motivating energy which powers our lives, which like the physical seed may spring to life and may eventually die. If we can live with our eyes open, the giant of our soul will, from time to time, provide the visions and awaken us. Try not to miss the view.

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