Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Study in Sun and Shade

Winder light, fragrantly laden with Vitamin D and warmth, back-lights the small stone lantern. Last night, temperatures were below freezing. This morning, the crisp air invigorates the waking garden. A aeonium, wilted from frost, leans into the lantern, seeking that warmth. The shadowed stone bamboo of the lantern evokes the chilled old bones of an aging gardener.

While I don’t suffer from seasonal light deprivation, dark days of winter can occasion sudden melancholy attacks. But I’ve found a cure.

Today is the day I spend the morning volunteering in the veggie garden: and it warmed me to my bones. The cold stone bones of the lantern will soon be warmed by the sun too, and will share that warmth with its neighbor.

My favorite part of this picture though, is the blurred path leading east into the sun, beckoning in the background. A promise of longer, warmer days.