Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Duh! Du Jour ©
“Many women however, left without any meaningful sources of recognition, simply try to provide it themselves, not even pretending that there is an appreciative “other.” Since women function largely as providers of attention and affirmation, they often need solitude to do it: when anyone else is around, they are instantly drafted back into the subordinate listener role. Women’s habit of “retreating” in order to appreciate their own experience is the opposite o men’s…
“Seeking respite from the emotional demands of others is a recurrent theme in women’s writing. If they can’t get their needs met by others, they can try, valiantly to find the physical and emotional space to nourish themselves. And this requires time alone…”
Anna Fels, Necessary Dreams

Quote Du Jour
He seemed a man of more than usual acerbity, and to suffer from unremitting mental, moral and perhaps even physical pain.
Samuel Beckett. Watt

Faux Quote
Every time you have sex using a condom, God kills a carrier pigeon. I’m just saying.
Pope Benedict the Whatever, Observatory Romano

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Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

You should have started this years ago. Damn, why didn't I get your gift of writing? (You didn't get me gift of knitting, so I guess that's how C.C.G. works. Cocksucker!)